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뉴포트 마이크로칩 공장 중국 소유, '보안 위험'




The takeover of Britain’s largest microchip plant by a Chinese-owned company must be reversed, the UK government has said, BBC Wales 비즈니스 특파원인 Huw Thomas가 썼습니다.

Newport Wafer Fab는 2021년 XNUMX월 상하이 상장 Wingtech의 자회사인 네덜란드 기반 기술 회사 Nexperia에 인수되었습니다.

However, Nexperia must now sell 86% of its stake “to mitigate the risk national security” following a review.

The firm said it was “shocked” and would appeal against the decision.

공장에서 만든 반도체 또는 칩은 스마트폰에서 가정용 기기 및 자동차에 이르기까지 수백만 가지 전자 제품에 사용됩니다.

Wafer Fab 거래는 진행 중인 가운데 정밀 조사를 받았습니다. 컴퓨터 칩의 세계적인 부족 이는 대유행으로 악화되어 광범위한 산업에 심각한 타격을 입혔습니다.

인수 당시 Newport 공장은 연간 약 35,000개의 웨이퍼를 생산하고 있었습니다.


The UK government had faced pressure to intervene, not least from the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, which said that Nexperia’s takeover represents the sale of “one of the UK’s prized assets” to a strategic competitor and potentially compromised national security.

결정에서 영국 정부는 Newport Wafer Fab 인수로 인해 국가 안보에 두 가지 위험이 발생했다고 말했습니다.

The first related to Nexperia’s development of the Newport site, which the government said could “undermine UK capabilities” in producing compound semiconductors.

The second, the plant’s location as part of a semiconductor cluster on the Duffryn industrial estate, could “facilitate access to technological expertise and know-how”.

It said the close links that existed in Newport “may prevent the cluster being engaged in future projects relevant to national security”.

보호복을 입은 마이크로칩 공장의 노동자들
Nexperia는 Newport와 Manchester에서 1,500명 이상의 직원을 고용하고 있습니다.

A XNUMX월 보고 보리스 존슨 총리가 국가안보보좌관이 수행하기로 약속한 판매에 대한 조사는 일어나지 않았다고 말했습니다.

그러나, 거래가 호출되었습니다 국가 안보를 이유로 XNUMX월 당시 비즈니스 장관 Kwasi Kwarteng에 의해.

그의 후계자 그랜트 샤프스에게 맡겨졌다. 최신 결정 총리와 내각의 변화로 인한 지연.

Nexperia said it did not accept the national security concerns and criticised the UK government for not entering “meaningful dialogue”.

토니 베르슬루이스
Toni Versluijs는 이전의 두 검토에서 인수를 차단할 이유가 없다고 말했습니다.

Toni Versluijs, head of its UK operations, said: “We are genuinely shocked. The decision is wrong, and we will appeal to overturn this divestment order to protect the over 500 jobs at Newport.

“The decision is disproportionate given the remedies Nexperia has proposed. It is wrong for the employees, for the UK semiconductor industry, for the UK economy and for the UK taxpayer – who could now be faced with a bill of over £100m for the fallout from this decision.

“We rescued an investment-starved company from collapse. We have repaid taxpayer loans, secured jobs, wages, bonuses and pensions and agreed to spend more than £80m on equipment upgrades. The deal was publicly welcomed by the Welsh government.”

A government spokesman said: “The UK has a number of strengths within the semiconductor sector, including in south Wales, and through our forthcoming semiconductor strategy we will enable this technology to continue to support the UK and global economy.”

The Welsh government said the UK government’s decision had provided some “welcome clarity”.

“Our immediate priority now is to safeguard the future of the hundreds of highly skilled jobs in Newport,” it added.

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