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키프로스 운영 그룹 : 결제 처리를위한 새로운 모멘텀




호세 마누엘 바로소(José Manuel Barroso) EC 회장On 18 September, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso chaired a meeting of the Cyprus Steering Group in Brussels. The Group assessed the situation ahead of the expected resumption of settlement talks in October. The Group also reviewed the parameters of the European Commission’s provision of technical advice to the negotiation process under UN auspices. The Group expressed full support for UNSG Ban Ki-moon and his Special Adviser to bring the process to a successful end.

President Barroso stated: “I strongly believe we have a genuine opportunity to solve the Cyprus issue once and for all. I very much expect that fully-fledged negotiations will be re-launched in October and that talks will quickly move into substance. All parties are encouraged to contribute to establishing a positive climate between the communities. I am convinced that the benefits of reunification will outweigh any concessions that will need to be made to this end. It is therefore essential to prepare the public for the necessary compromises and ensure the involvement of civil society. The European Commission stands ready to further strengthen its support for the process, should the two parties request it and UN agree.”

키프로스 운영 그룹은 합의 회담을 지원하고 합의의 EU 관련 측면에 대한 입장을 조정하기 위한 유럽 위원회의 수단으로 바로소 대통령에 의해 2009년 2012월 설립되었습니다. 이러한 맥락에서 바로소 대통령은 XNUMX년 XNUMX월 반기문 UN 사무총장의 특별 고문인 알렉산더 다우너(Alexander Downer)가 이끄는 키프로스 UN 친선 사절단의 개인 대표로 피터 반 누펠(Pieter Van Nuffel)을 임명했습니다.

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