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파쇄 : 로컬 및 지역 당국은 의무적으로 환경 영향 평가를 요구




URL36지역 위원회(CoR)는 EU가 모든 셰일 가스 및 오일 프로젝트에 대한 필수 환경 영향 평가(EIA)를 긴급하게 도입할 것을 촉구했습니다.

In an opinion presented by Cllr Brian Meaney (IE/EA) and adopted by the CoR, the assembly warned that regulation was needed to mitigate against the potential environmental hazards of shale gas and oil exploration and ensure the protection of citizens’ health.

As Europe continues to look to alternative forms of energy as part of its efforts to become more sustainable and reduce import dependency. Fracking – the process of drilling or injecting fluid into the ground to extract shale gas or oil – has been considered by some companies in the EU, hoping to emulate the experiences in the US. The Committee of Regions warned, however, that in addition to the serious environmental and health harm that can be caused by this activity, alongside other carbon energy it is simply not sustainable in the long-term. Cllr Meaney said: “There are still too many questions related to the extraction of shale gas and oil which pose significant questions and challenges, especially for local authorities. The EU must put in place safeguards to protect citizens’ health and reduce the impact on the environment by urgently regulating the industry. It must also not be forgotten that this is not a remedy to our energy needs in the future.”

규제를 강화하고 지자체에서 결정하도록 하십시오.  

CoR은 EU가 입법적 합의에 도달할 때까지 탐사 및 착취를 제한하는 엄격한 규제와 통제를 시행할 것을 긴급히 촉구합니다. 셰일 가스 및 오일 시추와 관련된 대기 및 수질 오염을 줄이는 데 도움이 되도록 의무적인 EIA를 도입하고 실행해야 합니다. 필수 EIA를 도입하면 예를 들어 회사가 프로세스 중에 사용된 화학 물질을 선언하도록 하는 등 투명성을 향상시킬 수 있습니다. 잠재적인 위험을 감안할 때, 위원회는 또한 지방 및 지역 당국에 그러한 활동이 해당 지역, 특히 민감한 지역에서 발생하는지 또는 이것이 온실 가스 목표를 달성하려는 노력을 방해할 수 있다고 생각하는 경우에 결정할 권리를 부여할 것을 요청합니다. .

Not the answer to Europe’s energy problems  

Counteracting claims made by supporters of fracking, the CoR argues that shale gas and oil exploitation “will not reverse the continuing trend of declining domestic production and rising import dependency”. The Committee also questions the wider implications that fracking will have in terms of releasing more greenhouse gases, including methane, into the atmosphere contributing to further climate change. Furthermore, offering support to shale gas and oil could undermine the EU’s efforts to move to a resource-efficient society and hamper international climate agreements such as the UN Development Goal which promotes environmental sustainability.


The CoR sais that it fully respects the right of member states to choose among the various energy sources available to them, but that careful consideration should only be given to using shale gas and oil as a short-term solution and the opinion stresses that “it cannot be a political goal itself…it should not be promoted as an alternative for Europe’s green energy future”. Meaney reinforced this concern: “Shale gas needs to be properly reviewed but we must also focus our efforts to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel. The IPCC published a report just last week shows that we can no longer put more carbon into our atmosphere. We should concentrate on investing into research and development in renewable energy, whilst also assessing the risks from shale gas extraction.”

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