Rescale 미팅 예약


유럽​​ 의회 의원은 은행 하나 해결 메커니즘에 최종 제안을 배치




유로은행노조의 두 번째 기둥인 단일 결의 메커니즘을 담당하는 주요 의원들은 의회의 XNUMX월 본회의 투표를 위한 텍스트를 준비하기 시작했습니다. 이 텍스트는 타협의 정신으로 일부 회원국의 우려를 받아들이는 동시에 기본 목표에 도달할 수 있는 신뢰할 수 있고 공정한 시스템을 유지합니다. MEP는 심각하고 명백한 결함이 있는 시스템에 가입하지 않을 것이라고 다시 말했습니다.

The chairman of the economic and monetary affairs committee and the rapporteurs said: “We regret that the last Ecofin meeting, contrary to general hopes and expectations, was unable to improve its position on the single resolution mechanism and fund. This was critical for negotiations to make headway on some of the most central issues. Without real openings there cannot be a deal.

“We continue working constructively with the Greek Presidency and foresee that we are close to finding compromises on many technical aspects of the regulation. On the essential issues however, namely the decision-making processes and the single resolution fund, we remain far apart. The Presidency has been deprived of sufficient room to make more than cosmetic changes and, although we are ready to factor in some concerns raised by member states, we cannot sign off on a deal which establishes a mechanism which is unfit for purpose. The ECB, the Commission and many economists have raised these concerns too. A potentially unworkable resolution system will jeopardise banking union and leave taxpayers exposed.

“Parliament will in any case take a plenary vote in April to close its first reading, whether there is an agreement with member states or not. In a constructive spirit we have taken it on ourselves to draft texts on the crucial issues which respect our ‘red lines’ but also take on board some of Council’s concerns. These texts are intended to be used as a last attempt for the negotiations to succeed and will be the basis for April’s plenary vote in the event that there is no agreement with member states. The principles underpinning these texts have been conveyed to the Greek Presidency of the Council, the Eurogroup President and the Commission.”

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