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그리스 총리, 지역 및 도시 정상회의 참석




아크로폴리스3안토니스 사마라스 그리스 총리가 참석을 확정했다. 6th 지역 및 도시의 유럽 정상 회의 in Athens on 8 March. In front of more than 800 participants consisting of the EU’s Committee of the Regions’ members and the Greek public, he will be joined by European Commission president José Manuel Barroso and Committee of the Regions President Ramon Luis Valcárcel, to discuss the EU’s growth and jobs strategy, the upcoming European elections as well as the main challenges facing the Union.

On the first day of the Summit – entitled ‘European Recovery, Local Solutions’ – Europe’s political leaders will also review the challenges and solutions being undertaken by EU regions and cities to promote growth and jobs and tackle the crisis. President of the European Investment Bank President, Werner Hoyer, the Greek Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos and OECD Deputy Secretary-General Yves Leterme will share their views on the economic and social situation in the EU.

Where next for Europe 2020: Cities and regions to publish views on the EU’s growth strategy

The Committee of the Regions will also take the opportunity to release its position on the EU’s growth strategy – Europe 2020. On 7 March the Committee’s Bureau will adopt its Athens Declaration as well as publish its mid-term review, presenting Europe’s local and regional authorities’ position on the state of play of the EU’s economic strategy. With the declaration the CoR is actively contributing to the on-going assessment of Europe 2020, just a few days after the release of the communication “Taking Stock of the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” by the European Commission, that claims for a stronger territorial dimension in the revised strategy.

The Summit is being organised by the EU’s Committee of the Regions and the Greek Region of Attica. It is supported by the EU Greek Presidency, the Information Office of the European Parliament in Athens and the European Commission’s Representation in Greece.

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장소: 메가론 아테네 국제 컨퍼런스 센터, 아테네
일시: 7년 8월 2014~XNUMX일

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