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우크라이나: 'EU 반응이 약하면 푸틴 대통령은 또 다른 조치를 취할 것'




20140410PHT43217_originalFacebook 채팅 중 Paweł Kowal

Ukraine has been making the headlines for months. What started as mass demonstrations escalated into violent clashes and finally the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia. “The EU should have reacted much earlier,” said Paweł Kowal, the head of Parliament’s delegation to Ukraine. The Polish member of the ECR group discussed the situation in the troubled country during a chat with the Parliament’s Facebook fans on 9 April.

Many expressed their concerns over Russia’s role in the crisis and its annexation of Crimea. Kowal said the measures already taken against Russia were not enough: “We need to stop military cooperation with Russia and halt arms trade with them as well.” He also said  that Putin is closely following the EU’s response to Crimea: “If the reaction is weak, he makes another step.”

There were also many questions about how the situation in Ukraine would affect energy supplies in Europe as many countries depend on Russian gas. Mr Kowal said that he was not worried about a new energy crisis: “Member states have enough gas stored and should be able to import shale gas from the United States.” However, he did add: “The EU should become independent of Russian gas.”

EU와 우크라이나 간의 협회 계약이 논의되었습니다. 의회의 지지를 받는 이 협정은 지난해 XNUMX월 서명될 예정이었으나 우크라이나 정부가 막판에 철회하면서 대규모 시위가 벌어졌다. Kowal은 이 협정이 이제 서명될 준비가 되었으며 이것이 XNUMX월 우크라이나 대선 이후에 이루어질 것이라고 말했습니다.

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