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노동당 의원: '난민 위기에 대한 캐머런의 태도는 영국을 수치스럽게 합니다. 영국은 난민을 돕는 선택을 해야 합니다'




모라에스-300x199A senior MEP who chairs the European Parliament’s justice and home affairs committee has demanded David Cameron take action to tackle the refugee crisis and help those in need, and called on the UK government to take in refugees coming to Europe.

Labour’s Claude Moraes MEP (사진) said: “David Cameron is turning his back on the world’s most needy. People are fleeing conflict, escaping the most unimaginable horror, thousands drowning in the Mediterranean or suffocating in lorries – only to be met by a No Entry sign.

“How many more children must drown before he opts into helping refugees? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

“This cruel, heartless inaction is a low point for his premiership and a shameful betrayal of Britain’s values.”

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