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네덜란드 단체는 우크라이나와의 EU 조약에 대한 국민 투표를 실시하기에 충분한 서명을 주장하고 있습니다. UKIP 지도자 Nigel Farage가 응답합니다.




나이젤 - Farage네덜란드 웹로그 주장 to have collected more than 443,011 signatures, more than the 300,000 required by law to force the Dutch government to hold a non-binding referendum on the association treaty between the European Union and Ukraine. Signatures are still being counted. A recently adopted Dutch law gives any citizen the right to request a non-binding referendum on any law that has been voted on by Dutch parliament but which hasn’t become active yet.

UKIP 지도자 나이젤 패라지(사진) said in response: “This push for a Dutch referendum shows that many peoples across Europe, not just the British, are tired of the EU forcing laws, expenses and migrants onto them without their consent. This is now the Dutch peoples’ chance to show the Brussel’s bureaucrats that national democracy cannot be ignored forever.

“I am delighted, for it looks like that the Netherlands will have a referendum on an EU issue. Going by their last vote it should be a big ‘No’ to the EU’s expansionist plans.

“Congratulations to the dedicated democratic citizens, who organized this brave initiative.”

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