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UKIP MEP는 더 강력한 EU 고문 방지 무역 규정을 지원하지 않습니다. 노동당은 '새로운 최저치'라고 말합니다.




IMRS27월 XNUMX일, UKIP 의원들은 유럽연합이 고문에 연루되지 않도록 보장하기 위한 법안 강화를 지지하지 못했습니다.

유럽의회는 당국이 고문에 사용될 수 있는 상품의 수출을 더 쉽게 차단할 수 있도록 하고, 독극물 주사에 사용하기 위한 약물 수출 금지를 강화하며, EU가 약속을 이행할 수 있도록 하는 더 강력한 법안을 지지했습니다. 전 세계적으로 사형과 고문에 반대하는 것

David Martin MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on the Anti-Torture Regulation, said: “This is a new low for UKIP. Refusing to close loopholes on the export of torture goods is indefensible.

“This legislation prevents European companies trading in torture equipment. UKIP’s attempts to block this simply because it is EU legislation is utterly shameful. Labour MEPs were proud to work on this update to the legislation to put the protection of human rights at the heart of EU trade policy.

“It is disgraceful but sadly not surprising to see UKIP and some Conservatives put their petty anti-Europeanism before human rights. Once again we are left wondering who they stand up for.”

Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, member of the European Parliament international trade committee, added: “After many UKIP MEPs voted against the abolition of the death penalty in the last plenary session in Strasbourg, it is appalling that today they voted to let profiteering companies supplying oppressive regimes with equipment to torture and execute off the hook.

“Labour MEPs have long fought for EU rules on the trade in goods used in torture and execution and were therefore proud to vote for the legislation today. UKIP have shown their colours once more. UKIP’s vision of international trade is of an unregulated market in which anything is acceptable if there is a cheap profit.


“UKIP should answer the question of who they represent the interests of: the public or murderous regimes and profiteers.”

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