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지역 안전보장이사회 회의 후 Rudi Vervoort 장관과 브뤼셀 수도권 시장의 성명




친애하는 브뤼셀 주민 여러분,지난 48시간은 우리 각자에게 힘들고 도전적인 시간이었습니다.
증가된 위협 수준을 평가한 후, 연방 당국은 브뤼셀 수도 지역과 그 지역에 테러리스트가 거주하는 지역 내 인구에 대한 위험을 줄이는 데 동참할 것을 요청했습니다.

“We know that the temporary and exceptional measures that have been adopted earlier surprised and sometime undermined part of our citizen. We are clearly aware of that and ask you to stay calm and confident, as you already demonstrated it during the past two days.

“The Regional Security Council met again this Sunday night, following the convocation and the new recommendations of the National Security Council

“We have taken note of the decisions of the National Security Council for this Monday (23 November):
– 지하철 폐쇄 및 « pre-métro »(지하 트램웨이)
– 학교, 고등학교, 대학교의 폐쇄

“The Regional Security Council also decided to close all the daycare and child facilities on Monday. No minimal service and reception will be organized by the Communes (local level).

“It is also decided to maintain the closing of all malls, entertainment sites, public market and sports facilities.

“Our goal is to mobilize the most security force on the ground.


“Regarding the public transportation network, the Region and the STIB/MIVB work together to increase the density of the surface transports, as soon as from Monday morning.

“The situation is naturally monitored minute by minute, following the necessary security capacity and protection needed.

“Every possible effort is being made, locally and regionally, for those measures to be as short-timed as possible and for them to have a minimum impact on the lives of our residents and the daily business activities. Everything is being made in order to reopen the schools as soon as possible.

“In the name of the government and all authorities, I also want to thank all local and federal law enforcement and security forces, who are working continuously and thoroughly in order to restore efficiently and peacefully the normal pace of the Brussels-Capital Region.”

Rudi Vervoort 브뤼셀 지역 장관 겸 브뤼셀 지역 19개 지역(공동체) 시장.

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