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Labour MEPs pay tribute to Sakharov Prize winner Raif Badawi: ‘We honour him. And in awarding this prize, we honour life itself’




35-라이프-바다위-2노동당 의원들은 라이프 바다위에게 경의를 표했습니다. (사진) 사상의 자유를 위한 사하로프 상을 수상하면서 자유를 위한 투쟁을 계속하겠다고 다짐했습니다.

라이프는 사우디아라비아의 블로거, 작가, 운동가, 자유 사우디 자유주의자 웹사이트의 창시자입니다. 그는 이슬람을 모욕한 혐의로 징역 10년과 태형 1,000대를 선고받았습니다.

그의 상은 16월 XNUMX일 유럽 의회에서 그의 아내 Ensaf에 의해 수상되었습니다.

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, told Ensaf: “Ensaf, it is wonderful you can be with us. But all of us wish it would not be in these circumstances.

“I want to assure you that on behalf of the British delegation and the UK Labour Party we stand in full solidarity with Raif. And will continue to raise his case at every opportunity.

“We can’t begin to imagine the pain that you and your family are going through.

“But rest assured your fight against this persecution makes us more and more determined to fight at every level to see Raif released.


“I hope the Sakharov Prize helps his campaign and can play some part in making sure that you, your family and Raif are soon reunited.”

Richard Howitt MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on human rights, who hosted Ensaf in Brussels to campaign for her husband’s freedom, added: “We back Raif’s campaign for freedom. Freedom for himself, freedom of expression for his country. The award of the Sakharov Prize shows we will continue to campaign with Ensaf until Raif is free.

“We call on His Majesty King Salman to uphold human rights by granting him a pardon.

“For Ensaf, who is forced to receive this award on behalf of Raif, the one prize she most wants is freedom for her husband.

“The pain she wants to alleviate is that of the barbaric punishment being meted on him. The pain we hope this prize may also help lift for Ensaf and her children, is that felt from being separated from a husband and a father.

“Ensaf wrote a book, 라이프 바다위를 위한 자유, 내 인생의 사랑. This week we honour her love for him. We honour him. And in awarding this prize, we honour life itself.”

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