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#Poland Verhofstadt to Polish prime minister: ‘I have faith in Polish citizens’




20120710 - 남자 - verhofstadt - 아 - ep - 자유주의유럽 ​​의회의 ALDE 그룹은 폴란드 총리 Beata Szydło에게 관련 폴란드 국민의 의견을 청취하고 PiS 정부의 대다수가 폴란드 민주주의 체제의 견제와 균형 시스템을 해체하는 것을 중단 할 것을 촉구했습니다. 그 강력한 위임은 법의 지배와 유럽의 핵심 가치에 따라 인도를 이끌어 가야한다.

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group leader, said: “You and your party won the elections and got a strong mandate to lead your country. Based on your broad majority, it is your right to shape the media landscape and reform the civil service. However, what alarms most members of this House and what a democrat never does, is to use a parliamentary majority to dismantle a countries system of checks and balances.”

“The increased quorum, together with the two-third majority imposed by your government and the enforced chronological order of cases are clearly undermining the Court. This combination has led to its paralysis. These measures represent a drift towards authoritarianism, towards Putin’s Russia. Mr Kaczynski is facilitating Putin’s efforts to disrupt European unity.”

“I trust that the Polish people will not let you turn the clock back. Knowing the Polish people, the people who gave rise to Solidarnosc, who resisted repressions and who fought for freedom, for democracy, for the rule of law, I am convinced they will never accept to give up democracy again. Listen to your people, listen to the Polish citizens.”

Sophie in ‘t Veld, first vice-president of the ALDE Group, added: “The Polish government was elected to improve the economic situation of the Polish people, not to demolish democratic checks and balances at record speed.”

“Poland is not the only Member State to threaten the rule of law. Hungary, under the leadership of Mr Orban, has been doing the same for years.  And the Commission has never taken any action. This makes the Commission decision on Poland look arbitrary. The EU must be seen to treat all member states equally, without political considerations.”

“The debate about Poland shows clearly the need for an EU Wide Democratic Governance Pact: a mechanism to monitor the state of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in all Member States and EU institutions on a permanent basis.”


“The EU has a wide range of instruments at its disposal for the enforcement of its laws and Treaties when it comes to material issues like state aid, budget discipline or emissions targets, but not for the protection of its fundamental values and principles like the rule of law, fundamental rights and democratic governance.”

“If Europe is unable to uphold its own values and principles, it loses credibility as a global actor. The Putinization of Europe must stop.”


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