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EU 의원들이 Briton Julian King을 #SecurityCommissioner로 지원




유럽 ​​의회 위원회는 줄리안 킹을 지지했습니다. (사진) on Tuesday (13 September) as Britain’s new member of the European Commission with responsibility for security, the committee chairman said, 쓰기 알라 맥도날드.

King’s confirmation in office would now go to party leaders and be put to a parliamentary vote on Thursday, Claude Moraes, chair of the civil liberties committee told reporters. Lawmakers expect him to be accepted by a clear majority.

Despite questions over the role a British government nominee could play on an EU executive as Britain prepares to leave the bloc following June’s Brexit referendum, King, a diplomat and former Commission staffer, had impressed the committee with his grasp on the security portfolio, Moraes said.

조나단 힐 전 영국 국장은 국민투표 이후 사임했다.

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