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#AustrianCouncilPresidency: MEP는 자신의 견해와 기대치를 공유합니다.





Official Logo of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union "eu2018at" Official logo of the Austrian Council presidency 

Austria took over the presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 July. Austrian MEPs shared their expectations for the presidency with us.

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz presented his country’s programme of activities to MEPs on Tuesday, 3 July. Follow his statement.

In line with its slogan “A Europe that protects”, the Austrian presidency will focus on the EU’s protective role, especiall when it comes to security, the fight against illegal migration, the digital market and stability in the European neighbourhood.

In addition the Brexit talks and the negotiations on the EU’s next long-term budget after 2020 will be important topics of the next six months. Austria sees its role as that of a neutral broker.


Members’ expectations

오트 카라스 (EPP) said: “The Austrian presidency is an opportunity to show that every demand on the EU is in fact a demand on ourselves. We are Europe! Success is only possible if member states and the European Parliament work together.” He added the presidency was about providing a service to other countries and not about imposing Austrian interests: “Its success depends on whether Austria can help the EU to make progress.”

Austria is taking over the presidency at a “crucial moment” with negotiations on Brexit and the EU’s long-term budget, pointed out 에블린 Regner (S&D). She would like to see “a Europe that protects, but not only external borders”: “Security also means being able to live in peace and freedom within Europe, not constantly worrying about whether one can still afford one’s own home or how to raise the children. However, I do not see any ambitions in this respect at the moment. In the next six months we need real initiatives on tax justice, digital fundamental rights, youth employment and climate protection.”

럭셔리 안젤리카 믈리나르 (ALDE), the Austrian presidency represents “a very inward-looking, protectionist policy”. “The policy priorities are in line with national rhetoric – security, migration, protection. There is only digitalisation as a non-controversial topic.“ She added the expectations and the pressure on the presidency were relatively high as Austria will have to deal with difficult political issues such as Brexit, the Dublin reform and the discussions on the EU’s budget.

모니카 바나미셸 레이몬 (Greens/EFA) said: “The Austrian residency is not seeking any relevant progress in the areas of tax evasion, the fight against climate change, social Europe, the budget or Brexit”. Industrial interests are clearly pushed through – a stronger Union is not wanted. Meaningless phrases are being used to stir up fears over the external borders, while an anti-European atmosphere is being created.”

Harald Vilimsky (ENF) said: “We need to rethink the entire European asylum and migration policy. We expect the Austrian presidency to provide above all a reasonable solution in the areas of border protection, combating illegal migration and security. We hope that the other EU states will support Austria during the presidency in solving this problem.”

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