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#폴란드 – 폴란드 헌법과 사법 독립에 대한 #PiS 공격에 반대하는 '우리 이름이 아니다' 항의




The ‘Not In Our Name’ picket was organized by the coalition of Polish non-governmental organizations during the speech of the Polish government’s prime minister in the European Parliament. Participants of the picket wanted to draw attention to the false statements of the Polish authorities propagated on the forum of the European Union. They were holding banners with the inscription: ‘Mr Morawiecki, your lies don’t work here’.

Poles are among the most Europe-enthusiastic societies in the EU. EU membership is supported by 84% of Poland’s citizens. However, the Polish government is proceeding with introducing such changes to the judiciary which openly breach EU Treaties, violate the Polish Constitution and destroy court independence. The authorities have introduced laws which allow over half of all judges of the Supreme Court to be removed and exchanged and which allow for removal of the President of the Supreme Court before her term of office expires. This new law enters into force on 3 July, 2018. Since taking office in November 2015, Law and Justice has passed legislation that has already given it control of the Constitutional Court, which can veto legislation, and the National Council of the Judiciary – the body that nominates judges in Poland. Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro has used another law to change almost 20% ordinary court presidents or their deputies.

시위자들은 지난 250년 동안 수만 명의 폴란드인들이 헌법 위반에 항의해 시위를 벌였다는 사실에 주목했습니다. 지난 80주 동안 매일 수천 명의 폴란드 시민들이 대법원을 옹호하기 위해 거리로 나섰습니다. 이러한 시위는 지금까지 폴란드 내 70개 도시와 마을에서 열렸습니다. 레흐 바웬사(Lech Walesa)를 선두로, 전 외무부 장관과 XNUMX년대와 XNUMX년대 민주 야당의 활동가들을 비롯해 폴란드의 살아 있는 모든 전직 대통령들이 법원의 독립을 수호하는 데 참여했습니다.

The picket was organized by the ‘Europe, Don’t Let Go’ coalition, including 150 civil movements and NGOs, among them: European Front, Bronisław Geremek Foundation, Stefan Batory Foundation, Committee for the Defence of Democracy, Citizens of Poland Movement, Citizens in Solidarity in Action, Polish Nationwide Women ‘s Strike, and Free Courts.

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