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SME 이니셔티브 덕분에 #Malta 중소기업을위한 재무 액세스 개선




위원회, 유럽 투자 은행 그룹 및 몰타 정부는 다음과 같이 이용 가능한 자금 조달을 늘리는 데 동의했습니다. Malta’s SME initiative programme. The SME invests Cohesion Policy funds via financial instruments and provide SMEs with better access to financing, with advantageous conditions. New resources from Cohesion Policy funds will top-up the programme’s budget, bringing it from €15 million from Malta’s Cohesion Policy envelope to up to €22m. Three years after its launch in 2015, the programme has already triggered €60m of financing for Maltese businesses. With this increase in the budget, overall the programme is expected to deliver €90m of SME financing in the country. Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Crețu said: “I welcome Malta’s decision to increase the available financing under its SME initiative programme. This is a smart move that will directly benefit Maltese small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. It will give them the financial boost they need to turn their ideas into concrete projects or expand beyond their local markets.”

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