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#ESDE – 유럽의 고용 및 사회 발전: 2018년 검토에서는 긍정적인 추세를 확인했지만 특히 #자동화 및 #디지털화와 관련된 과제를 강조했습니다.




위원회는 유럽의 연간 고용 및 사회 개발(ESDE) 검토 2018년 판. This year’s edition confirms the ongoing positive labour market trends as well as an improving social situation. The numbers of people in employment reached new record levels. At the same time we witness rising disposable incomes and lower levels of poverty. Severe material deprivation has receded to an all-time low, with 16.1 million fewer people affected, compared with 2012. But looking at the impact of technological developments, there are uncertainties about the future effects of automation and digitalization. This is why the 2018 ESDE review is dedicated to the changing world of work.

Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, said: “The European economy is growing faster and more evenly than before. This favours employment, props up household incomes, and improves social conditions. Technological change has a high potential to boost growth and jobs, but only if we shape this change. The European Pillar of Social Rights provides a compass for getting everyone ready for this transformation. Our proposals turn the Pillar into practice, by equipping people in Europe with better education and skills throughout their life and by ensuring that all workers are covered by basic rights in this fast changing world of work, with our proposals on transparent and predictable working conditions and access to social protection.” The annual Employment and Social Developments in Europe review provides up-to-date economic analysis of employment and social trends in Europe. This year’s edition of the report aims to analyze opportunities and risks linked to technological innovation, demographic change and globalization.

검토는 모든 사람이 이러한 발전으로부터 혜택을 받을 수 있도록 필요한 일을 보여줍니다. 검토 결과에 대한 자세한 내용은 여기에서 확인할 수 있습니다. 릴리스를 누르십시오메모. 그만큼 다음 팩트 시트 특정 주요 수치에 대한 개요를 제공합니다.

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