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#Gambia는 서 아프리카와 EU 간의 경제 협력 파트너십을 체결했습니다.




Gambia has become the 14th West African country to have signed the region-to-region Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the EU. The aim of this tailor-made agreement is to promote trade between the EU and African states and contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction. Once signed by all 16 partners, including Nigeria and Mauritania, the Agreement will be submitted for ratification. Meanwhile, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana have already opted for stepping stone agreements that will in future be replaced by the regional EPA with West Africa. On 26 October 2018 a Joint EU-ACP (African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States) Ministerial Committee on Trade will take place in Brussels to discuss the state of play of the seven Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The EU is the world’s most open market for African exports. See the 사실 시트 아프리카와의 EU 무역에 대한 자세한 내용은 다음과 같은 특정 정보를 위한 전용 페이지를 참조하세요. 서 아프리카그리고 경제 파트너십 계약.

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