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꿀, 과일 주스, 잼에 대한 라벨을 더욱 명확하게 하기 위한 '아침 식사 지침'은 달콤한 해결책입니다.




“The new ‘Breakfast Directives’ will ensure Europeans’ breakfasts taste even better”, says ECR shadow rapporteur Alexandr Vondra, after the European Parliament’s Public Health and Food Safety Committee today backed a trilogue agreement that improves information requirements for honey, jams, fruit juices and dehydrated milk. The newly adopted standards will ensure higher quality foods, contribute to prevent food waste, and promote consumer trust.

투표 후 Vondra 씨는 다음과 같이 말했습니다.

“The agreement is a major step forward for consumer protection. Mandatory country-of-origin labelling for honey is a concrete measure to combat fraud and improve food transparency.

“Labelling will also make it clear that fruit juices contain only naturally occurring sugars, which distinguishes them from nectars. The introduction of new food categories such as ‘reduced-sugar fruit juice’ and the introduction of a higher minimum fruit content for jams and extra jams will also further increase transparency for consumers.

“The simplification of milk labelling and the approval of lactose-free milk powder can also be welcomed, aligning EU rules with international standards.”

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