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UKIP의 스튜어트 휠러: '남자만큼 좋은 곳은 어디에도 없다' 코멘트 '성차별주의는 아니다'




_69303338_69303333UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler has denied being sexist by saying women were “nowhere near as good as men” at games like chess, bridge and poker.

스프레드 베팅의 거물은 이사회에서 열린 성별 할당제에 대한 EU 제안에 대한 토론 중에 이런 논평을 했습니다.

휠러는 기업이 이사회에 더 많은 여성을 임명하도록 강요해서는 안 되는 이유를 설명하고 있었다고 말했습니다.

그는 동료 패널리스트인 Royal College of GPs 회장인 Clare Gerada로부터 성차별 혐의로 기소되었습니다.

Explaining his comments on BBC Radio 4’s The World at One, he said: “I pointed out that in certain areas, women did not do as well as men, and then I cited poker, bridge and chess.

“My point is that there are some things that men are better than women at, some things that women are better than men at, and you don’t necessarily want to impose a minimum of either sex at the top of any profession or at the top of any board.”

‘Self-evidently sexist’


UKIP에 대한 지지로 인해 데이비드 캐머런에 의해 당에서 제명된 전직 보수당 기부자 휠러씨는 반EU당이 더 많은 여성을 끌어들이고 있으며 이를 달성하기 위한 조치를 취하고 있지만 후보 할당량을 배제했다고 말했습니다.

Asked if he was suggesting men were more intelligent than women, Mr Wheeler said: “No, no, certainly not… all I was saying was there are areas where women are not as good as men. I’m sure there are areas men are not as good as women and therefore I don’t think it’s always essential to have a minimum number of either.”

UKIP MEP candidate Diane James, who came close to winning the Eastleigh parliamentary by-election in March, said Mr Wheeler’s comments had been taken “totally out of context” and the party was being “picked on”.

“The media would love to present UKIP as a totally misogynist party. It quite clearly isn’t. Look at myself, look at the other females within the party that have achieved very, very high levels of office,” she told the BBC News channel.

Asked about Mr Wheeler’s comments at the meeting on Wednesday night, Dr Gerada said they were “self-evidently sexist”.

“I hope it was tongue in cheek because there is no evidence whatsoever that men are better at poker, bridge or chess.

“And even if they were, what does that mean about the skills you require on a board?”

‘Bunga bunga’

She told the BBC News channel she did not agree with quotas but said “we certainly need to have more women in senior roles”.

Dr Gerada added that her 82-year-old mother regularly beat men a “quarter her age” at bridge.

It was also reported, by The Times, that UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom told the same event he and party leader leader Nigel Farage wanted an invitation to a “bunga bunga” party hosted by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

휠러 씨는 BBC 뉴스에 블룸 씨가 농담을 한 것이 분명하며 당이 여성을 진지하게 받아들이지 않는다는 인상을 주지 않기를 바랐다고 말했습니다.

휠러 씨는 1974년 IG Index를 설립하기 전에 변호사로 일했습니다. 이 회사는 영국 주민들이 프리미엄을 제외하고는 외환 통제로 인해 금을 구매할 수 없었던 당시에 금 가격에 대해 추측할 수 있도록 허용했습니다.

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