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MEP 마이크 나트라 스 TV에서 UKIP을 종료




12_ukip_grab_w-300x168Mike Nattrass MEP는 당 지도자 Nigel Farage가 "전체주의" 조직을 운영하고 "나쁜 지도자"라고 비난하면서 UKIP를 탈퇴했습니다.

In a blistering resignation letter, Nattrass also said: “Sadly the current antics of the Leader bring to my mind such words and phrases as ‘Gerrymandering’, ‘Totalitarian’, ‘President of Zimbabwe’ and ‘making Machiavelli look like an amateur’.”

West Midlands의 MEP인 Nattrass는 2014년 유럽 선거에서 UKIP 후보로 선정되지 못한 후 출마를 결정했습니다. 그는 어젯밤 스트라스부르 의회에 참석하던 중 채널 4 뉴스와의 TV 인터뷰에서 사임했습니다.

He said: “The process has been totally gerrymandered and fixed, so that only people who support Nigel Farage are being put on that list.  “UKIP is now a totalitarian party. Nigel Farage only wants people in the party who absolutely and totally agree with him.”

Mike Nattrass는 나중에 다음과 같이 말했습니다. 유럽​​ 연합 (EU) 기자: “Only one man in UKIP is allowed an opinion – and we all know who that is. The party leader. That style of leadership is not good. Anyone who stands up to Nigel Farage is seen as a troublemaker – and that’s how they saw me, despite me doing well in my re-selection interviews.

“I lost out because, according to them, I had not shown loyalty. Now, people are keeping their heads down to avoid being taken out. That’s not the way to run a party. The leader only wants people elected who are his cronies.”

67세의 Nattrass는 내년 XNUMX월 선거까지 유럽 의회에서 무소속 의원으로 자리를 잡을 것입니다. 그가 EU에서 어떤 그룹에 합류할지는 알려지지 않았다.


Last Monday, he resigned from the EFD group – he is considering standing as an Independent in the West Midlands next May.

In a statement, UKIP said: “We understand that Mike Nattrass MEP is resigning from UKIP. I understand his disappointment at not being in the UKIP lists for the forthcoming election, but the shortlist was decided by a fair and comprehensive process and UKIP now has very many talented people coming forward, wishing to represent us.”

Nattrass’ dramatic departure highlights a growing ‘civil war’ within UKIP.  Chris Pain, the leader of UKIP on Lincolnshire county council, and member of the national executive, was suspended this week despite being cleared by the police this week of making alleged racist comments on his social media websites.

Pain has now formed his own breakaway group, and NEC member Doug Denny was also dismissed at last Monday’s NEC meeting in London.  Despite UKIP’s internal wrangling José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European commission, this week predicted the party could become Britain’s “first force” in Brussels.

UKIP 당 의장 Steve Crowther에게 보낸 Nattrass의 사임 편지는 다음과 같습니다.

UKIP에서 사임: 저는 1997년부터 UKIP 회원이었으며 이전 당 의장 및 부대표였으며 2004년부터 UKIP MEP로서 영국 웨스트 미들랜드를 대표했습니다. UKIP 선택 과정은 Cronies를 선출하기 위해 왜곡되고 재설계되었습니다. Nigel Farage와 Cronies of Cronies; UKIP 규칙(NEC의 규칙에 대한 일반적인 이해)은 이러한 목적에 맞게 단순히 깨졌습니다. 

Those who will not give Nigel Farage any resistance in what he does, the ‘Chosen Cronies’, are selected high on the lists and those high-profile persons, in all regions, who may question him, were taken off. This process will enhance the objective, which is not to distract members’ votes away from ‘the Chosen Cronies’  Then, the final straw. This week, Nigel Farage advised the UKIP MEPs (including myself) that, no matter how the members vote, the NEC can change the order!  So, even if they do not vote for his cronies, the NEC will confirm them as candidates. He also confirmed that this process had already been applied to the list at the London Assembly Elections.  

I shall serve my constituents as an Independent MEP and will consider standing at the 2014 election and shall always stand against Totalitarianism and the EU.   This deterioration of our party is a great sadness to me, as I have received great support from “the real UKIP members” who have worked so hard and have become my friends. I can only thank all those people, some of whom are no longer living, for those good years. 

당신의 충실한 것, 마이크 

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