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유럽위원회 (European Commission)

브뤼셀 V 회의 '시리아와 지역의 미래 지원'을 위한 시민사회 협의 개시




다가오는 5의 틀에서th Brussels Conference ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’ on 29-30 March, the Commission launched a virtual 시민사회단체와 협의 to gather recommendations on key issues affecting the civil society, people inside Syria, Syrian refugees and hosting communities in the neighbouring countries. The survey remains open until 2 March. In parallel, EU Delegations and the United Nations are organising discussions with civil society actors in Syria and the region. The outcomes of these consultations will be presented during the Conference and will contribute to shape the international community’s response and ensure its relevance. Co-chaired by the EU and the United Nations, the Conference will consist of the Day of Dialogue with civil society (29 March) and the Ministerial meeting (30 March). To stay updated on the civil society consultations and the programme of the Conference, register LINK..

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