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유럽위원회 (European Commission)

아동 성적 학대와의 싸움: 요한슨 위원의 실리콘 밸리 방문




일바 요한슨 내무부 장관 (사진) has travelled to the United States where she will meet a number of tech companies today (27 January) and on Friday (28 January) to discuss the use of technology in the fight against child sexual abuse, while guaranteeing the respect of privacy. The commissioner will meet representatives from Microsoft, Snap, TikTok, Discord, Twitch, Roblox, Dropbox, Pinterest and from the Tech Coalition, a global alliance of technology firms working on protecting children from sexual abuse online. The Commissioner will also meet with representatives from Thorn. Meetings with representatives from Apple, Meta, WhatsApp, Google and YouTube will follow on Friday. Discussions will focus on collaboration with tech companies as well as on the Commission’s upcoming proposal for EU rules to effectively tackle child sexual abuse online and offline.

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