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유럽위원회 (European Commission)

유럽 ​​의회는 Várhelyi 커미셔너의 위법 행위에 대한 조사를 촉구합니다.




Today (18 January), at the initiative of the S&Ds, the European Parliament demands an independent and impartial investigation into Hungarian Neighbourhood and Enlargement Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi. Parliament is concerned that, through his actions in the Western Balkans, Commissioner Várhelyi violates the Code of Conduct for the members of the European Commission. The S&Ds’ call was included in the annual report on common foreign and security policy (CFSP) adopted in plenary this afternoon.  

The Socialists and Democrats are alarmed by reports that Commissioner Várhelyi deliberately seeks to undermine the centrality of democratic and rule of law reforms in EU accession countries. Commissioner Várhelyi consistently plays down Serbian President Vučić’s attacks on democracy and, allegedly, even assisted Milorad Dodik’s separatist actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).  

The S&Ds managed to put a strong stamp on the CFSP report when it comes to enhancing EU support for the Western Balkans’ European future. The report welcomes Kosovo's application for EU membership, calls for sanctions on Milorad Dodik and the organisers of the unconstitutional Day of Republika Srpska on 9 January, and denounces Serbia’s attempts to destabilise the region.  

Thijs Reuten, S&D shadow rapporteur on common foreign and security policy, said: “The S&Ds agreed on Commissioner Várhelyi’s candidacy under the condition that he act only in the interest of the entire EU. Not in the interest of the government in Budapest. Now, three years into the job, there is serious cause to believe that the Commissioner pursues Mr. Orban’s agenda.  

“The European Commission’s role is to protect Bosnia and Herzegovina’s territorial integrity, promote democracy in Serbia, and secure peace and stability in Montenegro and Kosovo. Not the opposite. Supporting the nationalistic and separatist stances of Dodik would not only be against the Code of Conduct for the Members of the European Commission, but also playing with fire.  

“Accountability for the Commission is crucial. We do not pass judgment. That is up to the outcome of the investigation. But the persistent reports about Orban’s Commissioner cosying up with autocrats to undermine democracy requires immediate action. We cannot allow a commissioner accused of supporting secessionists to run amok in EU accession countries.”  


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