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Greek police are trying to discover the identity of a young blonde girl who was found living on a Roma settlement with a family she did not resemble. DNA tests revealed the child, called Maria and aged around four, was not related to the couple she lived with. The little girl is now being looked after by a charity. Her photo has been released to help find her family. Officials believe she may have been a victim of abduction or child trafficking. Police are appealing internationally as the girl looks like she might be from northern or eastern Europe. A spokesman for the British couple Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine went missing in Portugal in 2007, said the case gave them “great hope” that she would one day be found alive.

경찰은 마약과 무기를 검색하려면, 중앙 그리스에서 Farsala 근처 로마 캠프를 급습했다.

They noticed the lack of resemblance between the blonde-haired, green-eyed, pale-skinned little girl and her parents, and found further discrepancies when they investigated the family’s documents.

부부는 서로 다른 지역 가족 레지스트리 어린이의 다른 번호를 등록했다.

여자는 10 개월 기간 내에 6 명의 아이들을 출산했다고 주장했다.

When questioned about how they came to have Maria, the couple gave “constantly changing claims,” Thessalia Province Police Director Vassilis Halatsis said.


“The girl might have been abducted from a hospital, or given up by an unmarried mother,” the officer said.

“So far we do not have a declared disappearance of a child of this age in Greece. Through Interpol, we will request assistance from the other European countries.”

39 세 남자와 그의 40 세의 아내는 미성년자를 납치 혐의로 체포되었다.

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