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After just two months of taking office, and shortly after today’s announcement by former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s that he is retiring from politics at the age of 35, the latest chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg, announces that he will stand down as soon as a replacement is appointed. 

In a series of tweets, Schallenberg said that he had great respect for Sebastian Kurz’s decision and thanked him for his work. He said that it had never been his intention to become the party leader and that he thought the roles of party chairman and head of government should be united. Schallenberg will stand down as soon as a new person is appointed. 

Kurz was forced to stand down after prosecutors opened a corruption inquiry, but remained head of the People’s Party. Since leaving office he has become a father and says that he would like to spend time with his new born baby. 

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, who has also taken a hard line on immigration, is thought to be the most likely candidate to lead the party.

In his statement, Kurz said that didn’t take the decision lightly, but was leaving without any hard feelings.

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