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위원회는 키프로스에서 그린 라인 무역을 활성화하기 위해 새로운 'EU 원스톱 상점'을 출시했습니다.




The Commission has launched the new ‘EU One Stop Shop Supporting Green Line Trade and Businesses’ service in Nicosia, Cyprus. It is designed to provide information and technical assistance to businesses and individuals who are, or are interested in, trading across the Green Line in Cyprus.

응집력 개혁 위원 Elisa Ferreira (사진) said:“Increasing Green Line trade is one of the Commission’s priorities in Cyprus. Green Line trade brings people and businesses together and offers important economic opportunities for businesses from both communities. By fostering trade, we can help to build trust and confidence among the two communities.”

The ‘One Stop Shop’ will provide easy access to valuable information on procedures for Green Line trade to both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot producers and traders. It will also inform on the EU standards and requirements that Turkish Cypriot products need to comply with when they are placed on the EU market. The service will employ experts who speak Greek, Turkish and English, will offer a new trilingual website, and will organise networking events for producers and traders.

Green Line trade is governed by the EU’s 2004 그린 라인 규정사람, 상품, 서비스가 그린 라인을 넘을 수 있는 조건을 명시한 것입니다. 이는 키프로스의 정부 통제 지역과 비정부 통제 지역 사이의 경계선입니다.

The ‘One Stop Shop’ is financed from the 터키 키프로스 공동체를 위한 EU 지원 프로그램, which aims to facilitate Cyprus’ reunification. The EU has allocated € 688 만 2006년부터 지원 프로그램에 참여했습니다.

새로운 서비스에 대한 구체적인 질문은 다음 주소로 문의하세요. [이메일 보호].


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