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레바논을 위해 목숨을 바친 Omar Harfouch는 프랑스에서 올리브 나무 평화상을 수상했습니다.




During the annual French Iftar event attended by top-level political figures, the “Olive Tree of Peace” award was won this year by Omar Harfouch and the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo.
“The olive tree of peace” was presented to Omar Harfouch by French MP Caroline Yadan, close to French President Emmanuel Macron, who praised him for his courage in the fight against corruption and for peace in Lebanon.

For his part, Harfouch confirmed to the public and to political and spiritual personalities that he had sworn to carry out his project. Harfouch’s name for the award was suggested by Jean-Christophe Lagarde, leader of the French centre party UDI, who visited Lebanon a few weeks ago and met with all the political leaders.

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