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위원회는 Enel의 3Sun 태양광 PV 패널을 우크라이나에 기부한 것을 환영합니다.




위원회는 에넬과 함께 "희망의 광선" 프로젝트를 시작함으로써 폰데어라이엔 대통령이 재임 기간 동안 우크라이나에 태양광 패널 기부에 대해 발표한 더 광범위한 이니셔티브의 일환으로 첫 발을 내디뎠습니다. 방문 2년 2023월 XNUMX일 키예프로.

에너지 커미셔너 Kadri 심슨, the CEO of Enel, Francesco Starace, and Ukrainian Minister of Energy, German Galushchenko, met in hybrid format today to welcome Enel’s commitment to donate to Ukraine 5,700 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels of 350 Watt each, for a total capacity of around 2 MW. The donated solar PV panels will cover up to 11,400 square meters of roofs split among different public buildings in Ukraine. The delivery is set to take place by summer 2023.

Ursula von der Leyen 유럽연합 집행위원장은 “한 달 전 Kyiv에서 발표한 데 이어 오늘 우리는 태양광 패널의 첫 번째 배치가 우크라이나에 곧 인도될 것이라고 발표할 수 있습니다. 우크라이나에 5,700개의 태양광 패널을 기부한 Enel에게 감사를 전하고 싶습니다. 이 태양광 패널은 유럽 혁신 기금의 지원을 받아 유럽 카타니아에서 생산됩니다. 그들은 학교, 병원 및 소방서에 전기를 공급할 것입니다. 우크라이나가 자국에서 생산되는 청정 전기에 의존할 수 있도록 다른 유럽 기업과 회원국이 이 첫 단계에서 영감을 받을 것이라고 확신합니다.”

Simson said: “This project starts a wider initiative to increase Ukraine’s energy security by developing their renewable capacities. It shows European solidarity in action and showcases how investment in clean tech manufacturing can make Europe more energy secure and independent. I am very grateful to Enel for this generous donation to Ukraine. Once again, Enel proves to be a frontrunner, not only as a company at the cutting edge of clean tech innovation, but also for its corporate social responsibility. We are proud that EU-produced solar panels will help increase energy security for schools, hospitals and other public buildings in Ukraine.”

Enel CEO Francesco Starace said: “We would like to thank the European Commission for involving us in this important initiative, through which we can contribute to the continued functioning of essential public services in Ukraine. The PV panels we are donating were produced by our 3Sun Gigafactory, which is an Italian excellence paving the way towards greater energy independence in Europe by helping reshore the PV value chain. These panels will generate clean, sustainable and reliable power, helping key public buildings in Ukraine, such as schools and hospitals, to become self-sufficient in terms of energy. With this project, we are offering a ‘ray of hope’ to the people of Ukraine, who are deeply suffering as a result of the ongoing war.”

Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galushchenko said: “Gradual decentralisation of Ukraine’s energy system is a guarantee of its security and resilience against Russian attacks. In pursuing this course, the Ministry of Energy will focus on stimulating the development of green energy. It is especially important today to expand the capacity for autonomous power supply of facilities that are vital for the country’s functioning. We are grateful to Enel, all European companies and the European Commission, for their strong support and solidarity in our fight for life, light and heat in our Ukrainian homes.”

This initiative is part of a wider effort undertaken by the EU to ensure off-grid solutions aimed at supplying electricity to key public civilian buildings in Ukraine. Following continued Russian attacks on Ukraine’s civilian energy infrastructure, the EU is providing 5,400 energy generators. The solar PV panels will play a similar role, as they will allow public buildings in Ukraine to rely on self-generated electricity.


Enel이 기증한 패널은 Union Civil Protection Mechanism(Union Civil Protection Mechanism)의 물류 지원으로 운송됩니다.UCPM)와 에너지 커뮤니티. 패널은 우크라이나 정부가 수립한 우선 순위 목록에 따라 교육 및 건강과 같은 필수 공공 서비스를 제공하는 우크라이나의 주요 공공 건물에 할당됩니다. 우크라이나의 유통 및 설치 과정에 대한 독립적인 감독은 에너지 공동체 사무국이 각 우크라이나 당국과 협력하여 수립할 것입니다.

All the solar panels donated by Enel were produced in the Italian 3Sun Gigafactory in Catania, Sicily, which is set to become the largest PV module manufacturing plant in Europe by increasing its current annual production capacity of 200 MW to about 3 GW per year by 2024 with a planned investment of approximately €600 million. The project, which is called ‘TANGO’, i.e. iTaliAN Giga factOry, was one of seven initiatives selected by the European Commission as part of the first Innovation Fund call for large-scale projects, and was awarded funding worth up to €118 million. The project was also submitted in the call to access the funds in Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) relating to Mission M2C2 Investment 5.1 ‘Renewable energy and batteries’ – sub-investment 5.1.1 ‘PV Technology’, with a Development Contract managed by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy (MIMIT). These two funds could bring the total funding for the project up to a maximum amount of €188 million.

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