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세르비아와 코소보의 EU 야망 구체화




세르비아 코소보베오그라드와 프리 스티나는 조만간 승인 될 15 포인트 계약 초안에 서명함으로써 관계 정상화를 추진했다.

“These negotiations have been concluded. The text has been initialled by both prime ministers. I want to congratulate them for their determination over these months and for the courage that they have,” said EU High Representative Catherine Ashton at the end of the EU-facilitated dialogue. “It is very important that now what we are seeing is a step away from the past and, for both of them, a step closer to Europe. ”

The main result of the agreement was the decision of both delegations to restrain from any attempts that might block the advancement of each of them towards the European Union. On 25 April at the meeting of the EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs,  Serbia will be offered an opportunity to start accession negotiations to the EU; Kosovo will aim at Association Agreement. According to a Serbian diplomat,  the article on Kosovo joining the UN has been excluded from the agreement and has not been the subject of negotiations in the framework of the dialogue. ‘The negotiations had in view a very particular target, namely to accelerate the European integration of both Serbia and Kosovo, to move on to direction of Balkans inclusion into the EU project,” a Brussels diplomat told 유럽​​ 연합 (EU) 기자.

“It was a move that had been awaited by all sides for some time.”

In addition to the prospect of accession, a certain autonomy for the Kosovo Serb community was achieved – they will be able to have their own police, courts and schools.


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