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온네네이션Miliband is facing fierce internal dissent amid claims that plum seats in he European Parliament are being stitched up” for union-backed candidates.

Rows have broken out across the country within Labour after previously popular candidates were excluded in favour of others supported by the party’s biggest financial backers.

Miliband 씨는 노조가 그들이 선호하는 후보를 위한 길을 여는 데 너무 많은 영향력을 행사하고 있다고 걱정하는 당원들로부터 개입을 요청받았습니다.

The row has set off new fears among Blairites that union dominance in the party is growing before the next general election. They are particularly worried about the power of Unite, Labour’s biggest donor.
The unions have been the main funders of Labour since Mr Miliband became the party’s leader, donating £20 million in two years, 81 per cent of all donations.

Concerns were raised by a senior Labour source who said “Behind the scenes, we are moving back to unions, one union in particular, running candidate selections seemingly with the blessing of the leader’s office. This is bad news for Labour,” the source said.
In London, a popular candidate was not retained on the party’s short-list to fight the European elections next year. Her allies said that her exclusion had cleared the way for a union official backed by Unite.

두 명의 저명한 당원은 북동부에서 또 다른 인기 있는 여성 후보가 두 명의 노조 간부에게 유리하게 거부된 후 사임했습니다. 세 번째 지역에서는 적합한 후보자를 선택하는 임무를 맡은 노동당 관리가 효과적으로 기소되었습니다.
스트라스부르의 한 좌석에서 몸을 기울이기 위해 자신을 선택했습니다.

The row comes soon after a number of senior party figures joined Tony Blair in warning Mr Miliband about the party’s direction, urging him not to shift to the left.


Mr Blair and Mr Milliband met last week for the first time since the former Prime Minister’s intervention. A Labour source refused to comment on the meeting but said that the Labour leader and his team “value his advice”.


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