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European Union Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier, the EU’s top financial regulator, called on the French government to pursue its planned reforms despite the Commission allowing two more years to meet its budget deficit target.

“It’s a moment of truth for the government which needs to have the political courage to carry out those reforms which will sometimes not be understood, and require effort,” he told French radio Europe 1 in an interview.

Olli Rehn, the European monetary affairs commissioner, said on Friday France badly needed to unlock its growth potential and create jobs, adding Spain, Italy and the Netherlands as well as France – four of the euro zone’s five largest economies – would remain in recession this year.

France – which restated on Friday it would bring the deficit below 3 percent in 2014, only one year later than the original deadline – must pursue its retirement and labor reforms to boost its competitiveness and to overcome its unemployment crisis, Barnier said.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said the EU’s decision was in line with the strengthened stability and growth pact because it allowed flexibility in meeting deficit targets.


“But the commission also said, and that’s very important, that with (the extension) come clear requirements for necessary reforms,” he told Bild am Sonntag newspaper to be published on Sunday.

“The commission and the German government agree entirely that we can’t slow down in terms of reforms,” Schaeuble added.

EU 재무장관들은 올해까지 프랑스에 예산 부족액을 GDP의 3% 미만으로 낮추고 스페인의 경우 2014년으로 마감 시한을 정했습니다. 그러나 프랑스는 올해 경제 성장을 0.1%로 예상하는 반면, 유럽연합 집행위원회는 0.1%의 성장을 예상했습니다. 축소.


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