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#브렉시트 베르호프슈타트: 'EU의 역동성을 파괴하지 마세요'




df4ed156348e47a8870b935352d10491_Guy_VerhofstadtDuring today’s (3 February) debate on the Brexit proposals by Council President Donald Tusk, ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt (사진) 투스크는 유럽 통합의 역학을 죽이지 말라고 경고했습니다.

He said: “You know the famous painting of René Magritte showing a pipe with a text ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’?  It’s the same with Tusk’s text: “An ever closer union is not an ever closer union.” That at a time when we need more European integration to overcome the poly-crises we are facing today.”

Verhofstadt agrees with PM Cameron that Europe needs reforms: “Let’s use this British exercise as a starting point to really reform Europe.

“But instead of killing the principle of ‘an ever closing Union’ and killing the dynamics of the EU, we should give the UK another opt-out. They already have an opt-out from the Euro, Schengen, police cooperation, common border controls and the charter of fundamental rights. This would confirm what is already the reality today: a two tier Europe.”

He warned against the inflation of ’emergency brakes’: “We should not add emergency brakes every time a European leader faces a problem with his public opinion. Sarkozy already obtained an emergency brake on Schengen. But where does it end? Tomorrow, an emergency brake for Mr. Renzi on the Stability Pact and the day after tomorrow an emergency for Mr. Hollande on the internal market? Sorry, this has its limits.”

Catherine Bearder (UK, LibDems) said: “As the UK’s most internationalist and outward-facing party, the Liberal Democrats are committed to keeping Britain a full member of the EU. We will wholeheartedly stand against the idea that Britain should be isolated and alone. So whatever the outcome of these negotiations, my party will be campaigning wholeheartedly to remain in. Because we are focused on the bigger issues at stake, the reasons why Britain and Europe are both stronger, safer and more prosperous together.”


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