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총회의 개방 : 슐츠는 앙카라 테러 공격을 비난





마틴 슐츠 - 014“On behalf of the European Parliament I wish to condemn the bombings in Ankara in the strongest possible terms and extend our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims. The nearly 100 people who died are in our thoughts, as are the more than 500 who were injured, to whom we wish a prompt and full recovery. At this difficult time we stand side by side with the victims and their families.


“This brutal terrorist attack on peaceful demonstrators was an attack on democracy. It is clear that these criminals wanted to sow discord and fear in the run-up to the elections. They must not be allowed to succeed in this.


“At present the EU and Turkey are in a dialogue to find a common solution to the refugee situation. Current dramatic events and developments are bound to influence the ongoing debate on Turkey’s status as a safe third country. In my most recent talks with members of the Turkish opposition and with the Turkish President, I also expressed our concern at the violence which has been escalating for some months in Turkey and the increased polarisation in the country. Free and pluralistic media must be defended by the state as an indispensable pillar of democracy. I also urged a resumption of the cease-fire and a return to the political process with the Kurds. Reconciliation is the only way to a safe and prosperous future in Turkey.



“We are confident that democratic forces in Turkey will now stand shoulder to shoulder, break the spiral of violence and commit themselves to peaceful coexistence, in order to make free and fair parliamentary elections possible on 1 November.”

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