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훈련 운동가는 “독일인들이 미래의 숙련된 인력을 빼앗고 있다”고 경고했다.




apprenticeship_1819891bGermany’s £120 million apprenticeship scheme that fills their future skill shortages with British youngsters has been criticised by apprenticeship campaigner Will Davies, who warns that these are the very workers we need to keep in the UK.

“Not every youngster will want to learn a foreign language and live abroad to receive a decent training opportunity. The success or failure of this scheme hinges on whether we can offer apprenticeships of the same quality in the UK,” said Davies, who is the co-founder of property maintenance and refurbishment company

The German scheme offers all-expenses-paid, three-year apprenticeships that include wages, trips home and even free language lessons to youngsters with good ‘A’ level passes.

“It is obviously a tempting offer for the best British candidates but these people are the next generation of skilled workers which we need for our industries here,” Davies added.

독일은 인구 고령화를 겪고 있으며 젊은 영국인(18세에서 35세 사이)이 훈련 기간이 끝난 후 결혼하여 임박한 기술 부족을 메우기 위해 독일에 정착하기를 희망합니다.

“There are over one million young unemployed in the UK and they are becoming totally demoralized by the job market. If we don’t deal with the problem we will be paying for our failure for decades to come,” said Davies.

“We have to improve the quality of training and apprenticeships that are on offer in the UK and motivate youngster to engage with them. If young people see the most qualified amongst them moving abroad in search of quality training that is unlikely to help the situation,” he said.

광고 자신의 견습 계획을 위해 젊은이들을 모집하기 위한 신병 훈련소 시스템을 개발했습니다.

“On our boot camps, youngsters were put through a series of fitness, literacy and numeracy tests. They were able to commit to the scheme because we were able to demonstrate that the reward was genuine on-the-job training,” said Davies.

“The individuals who were prepared to contribute the most to the boot camp were the individuals who has benefited most from employing.”

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